Why Do My Jlab Earbuds Keep Disconnecting

why do my jlab earbuds keep disconnecting 2023 March

Why are my JLAB earbuds not connecting?

From problems pairing to a flaky data or WIFI connection, external and internal forces can prevent your JLab earbuds from staying connected. Let us take a deeper look at why they might be disconnecting and how you can troubleshoot this absolutely obnoxious matter. What causes intermittent connectivity with Bluetooth earbuds by JLab?

Why do my Bluetooth earbuds keep disconnecting?

One of the most common issues why your earbuds keep disconnecting is because you are out of range. All Bluetooth earphones have a limited range in which they work, once you step out of that range they disconnect. Solution: Make sure that you are in the estimated range for your earbuds and you should have no problems with disconnection.

How to fix earbuds not working?

Secondly, if it still does not work, restart your phone/device and once it turns back on, connect your earbuds once again. This solution proved to work for some people, so all you have to do is forget the earbuds from your device and rediscover them once again.

How do I reconnect my earbuds to my host device?

Place your earbuds in their charging case and forget them from the Bluetooth page in your device’s Settings. Rapidly tap on one earbud in the charging case seven times. Repeat the previous step with the other earbud. Remove your earbuds from their case. Try connecting your host device again. Are you actually within Bluetooth range?






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