Where Can I Sell My Tc70

where can i sell my tc70 2023 June

What is the Android tc70 series?

Real competitive advantage — delivered. With the TC70 Series, you can leverage the power of Android, while choosing the configuration that best fits your technology and business needs. Every Android TC70 Series ships with Mobility Extensions (Mx), a series of features that make Android a more robust enterprise-class operating system.

Does tc70 come with GMS?

Standard Configuration TC70 and TC70x Android devices come with Google Mobile Services (GMS) which provides integrated Google applications such as Gmail and Google Maps. Professional Configuration TC70 and TC70x Android devices ship without GMS, removing GMS applications and services.

Does the tc70 series work in the wet?

And the large 4.7 in. display takes the capacitive touch experience to the next level — it works even if it’s wet. With up to four times the loudness of popular smartphones and noise cancelling technology, the TC70 Series provides crystal clear audio on both ends of every call.






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