Vsan Node In Decommission State

vsan node in decommission state 2023 June

What happens when a VSAN host is in decommission state?

Once the vSAN host is in vSAN decommission state, it doesn’t accept any new object creation, and all components on the host will be absent until it is back. When the host in the vSAN cluster is in maintenance mode, it is expected that this host is in vSAN decommission state.

How do I enable data evacuation mode in VSAN?

Right-click the host and select Maintenance Mode > Enter Maintenance Mode. Select a data evacuation mode and click OK. This is the default option. When you power off or remove the host from the cluster, vSAN ensures that all accessible virtual machines on this host remain accessible.

How do I decommission a node?

Ensure there is sufficient capacity in the vSAN disk groups to decommission a node. Right click the host to be decommissioned and select Maintenance > Enter Maintenance Mode.

How do I migrate data from one VSAN host to another?

Select Evacuate all data to other hosts from the presented vSAN data migration modes and click OK. This will evacuate all disk groups on that host. Click OK to confirm that virtual machines residing on that host will be migrated to other hosts in the cluster. Wait for resync traffic to complete and the host to enter maintenance mode.






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