Visio Unexpected End Of File

visio unexpected end of file 2023 March

What does error (1) mean in Visio 2007?

Unexpected end of file Visio 2007 An error (1) occured during the action Paste. Unexpected end of file

How do I open a Visio drawing?

If you installed Visio to a folder that is different from the default installation location, the path of the Visio.exe file is different on your computer. In Windows Explorer, locate the drawing file that you want to open. Drag the drawing file to the icon that represents the Visio.exe file.

Why is my Visio drawing not opening?

For example, a conflict may exist between certain components on the computer that prevent Visio from opening the drawing. You cannot prevent all corruption that may occur to files. Hard disks may wear out, power supplies may fail, and other unforeseeable events may occur that cause files to become damaged.

How do I recover a damaged drawing file in Visio?

If your original drawing file was damaged, you may be able to recover information from the AutoRecovery file. Start Visio. On the Tools menu, click Options. Select the Save AutoRecover info every check box, and then specify the time in minutes that you want. By default, the AutoRecover setting is set for 10 minutes.






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