Virtual Gt Pro Racing Simulator

virtual gt pro racing simulator 2023 April

What is a GT Pro simulator?

Our GT Pro series of simulators utilise higher specification components across the product range. All racing simulators feature a high quality steering and pedal system suitable for driver training. For professional applications, control systems can be upgraded to Direct Drive Steering and Hydraulic Brake Systems.

What is the SimCraft GT virtual vehicle?

The SimCraft GT Virtual Vehicle, a true “full motion racing simulator” with advanced motion simulation technology including all 6 Degrees of Freedom.

Who are pro racing simulators?

Pro Racing Simulators Ltd. was founded in 2012 with the goal of supplying turnkey motion simulation packages to both home and commercial markets. Since then we have organically grown a product range that caters to a multitude of uses, from corporate entertainment through to high-fidelity driver development.

What are the new Formula Pro and GT Pro simulators available for hire?

Our brand new Formula Pro and GT Pro Simulators are now available for hire. We can cater to both UK and International clients. Our Cutting-edge simulators feature authentic race chassis, professional grade steering and brake components and Full HD Displays to immerse you and your guests into a truly exhilirating experience.






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