V Green 270 User Interface

v green 270 user interface 2023 March

How do I install the V-Green 270 user interface?

The V-Green 270 User Interface can be installed on the V165 motor at a later date. It mounts to the motor with 4 screw and a cable connecting the interface to the V165 controller. ? Asked on 4/23/2017 by Marty

Can I use the V-Green 270 user interface with the waterway power defender?

Yes, you can use this V-Green 270 User Interface – 2520652-001 with the Waterway Power Defender 165 pump. We do not have a PDF manual at this time, but one is included with the product. ? Asked on 2/9/2019 by Joe I have a Tesla pool pump. It is a century v-green 165. The controller gets stuck on one speed, usually 3000.

What is the V-Green motor on the ecm27cu?

The v-green is the variable speed motor which is what the interface is for. If you are wanting to go to variable speed I recommend ECM27CU and the 2517501-001 which is the automation adapter kit that connects to the aqualogic. ? Asked on 2/20/2017 by wilfried bardet

How long does a V-Green 270 pump run?

My new V-Green 270 pump runs at least 8 hours per day compared to my old single horse pump only running 2 hours per day and doing an efficient job. My electric bill has increased and not not decreased after installing the ENERGY EFFICIENT pump. Why does the pump have to run so long?






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