The Black Ink Cartridge Differs From The One Installed

the black ink cartridge differs from the one installed 2023 March

What does install black cartridge mean?

When trying to print, an Install Black Cartridge error message displays on the printer control panel or computer, or the attention light blinks on the printer. This error message indicates that a toner cartridge is not installed, is not genuine, or an obstruction is preventing the toner cartridge from being recognized.

How do I change the black ink cartridge?

The wrong Black ink cartridge (either Matte Black or Photo Black) is installed. Remove the Black ink cartridge, and then install the correct one. Or, press the Pause button to execute the Black ink replacement to change the Black ink information of the printer. INK CARTRIDGE ERROR BK INK CHANGE The black ink needs to be changed.

Why is my ink cartridge not recognized?

When you renew the ink cartridge, your printer may sometimes not acknowledge it. Due to this, you get an ink cartridge not recognized error. But most of the printers recognize the new ink cartridge after you use the reset feature. Here’s how you can reset the ink cartridge of any printer:

Do I need to install ink cartridges?

All ink cartridges need to be installed, even if it is empty or you are not going to use it, for the printer to print. Canon recommends that you use the ink cartridges installed in the printer that you don’t remove them until the ink runs out. A type of paper other than Plain Paper for Media Type on the Main tab.






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