Synthetic Scsi Controller Failed To Power On

synthetic scsi controller failed to power on 2023 April

What is the error code for vlawelynas2(synthetic SCSI controller)?

(Synthetic SCSI Controller (Instance ID EEDD9F35-6C99-4F43-876F-59D214339D0C): Error ‘The system cannot find the file specified.’. Attachment " could not be found due to the error: "’The system cannot find the file specified.’. ‘VLAWELYNAS2’ failed to start.

What happened to SCSI controllers 1-3?

"Later we removed the attached SCSI controllers (1-3) which are configured on physical drives I-K and then local virtual servers started successfully. Here we doubt this happened due to the drive letters used by the disks which are now part of clustered shared volumes. "

Can SCSI controller read ISO file?

"Synthetic SCSI controller […] Failed to Power on with Error: ‘The version does not support this version of the file format’". Basically the SCSI controller can’t read the ISO file. However, the IDE controller on a Gen1 VM can read and boot from the ISO just fine. Has anyone else run into this problem?






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