Sonicwall Tz210 End Of Life

sonicwall tz210 end of life 2023 March

What is the SonicWall product support life cycle?

The Product Support Life Cycle table describes the phase during which SonicWall products are eligible for product support and new release downloads. Models not listed here are considered to be current and have not yet entered the End of Support life cycle.

What is SonicWall’s last order day?

Last Order Day is the last day to order the product from SonicWall and signifies SonicWall’s intent to start the end of life process. The duration of this phase is variable and depends on numerous factors including material availability, SonicWall and channel inventory and end-user demand.

What happens when a Dell SonicWall product reaches EOL?

When a Dell SonicWALL product reaches EOL, SonicWALL may choose to discontinue the sale or support of the product or service. At each stage throughout the product lifecycle process, SonicWALL will provide information as the milestones are reached.

What happens to my SonicWall subscription after end of support?

SonicWall may continue to offer security service subscriptions such as Content Filtering and Intrusion Prevention during the End of Support phase, but it will no longer provide technical support for the product or any security service running on it.






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