Slide And Tilt Front End Kit

slide and tilt front end kit 2023 March

Is there a tilt front end with Pix?

Tilt front end was mentioned in a lot of threads, but none that I found actually showed pix or discussed how they designed it other than these two.

How do you build a tilt?

The front began by bolting the hood and fenders together, using a strip of stainless for proper spacing. We fabbed a frame for the inside to keep it supported and moving in one piece. For the tilt itself, milled a long p shaped slot in 2 blocks of stainless that was welded in the frame rails up front.

Do you cut the bottom of your fenders to make them slide?

…A lot of fellas don’t make them slide and tilt they just cut the fenders and leave the bottom portion bolted to the cab. Not my favorite way to do it but a lot of the fellas do it that way.

How to tilt the frame on a gasser?

Somewhere in the gasser threads there are two good ways to tilt. one cut and hinged the front of the frame and the spreader, The other put the hinge below the frame. May have been the 4 dr gasser in Hawaii






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