Rman-20006 Target Database Name Is Missing

rman-20006 target database name is missing 2023 March

Why do I get rman-20005 error when running RMAN commands?

While running rman commands from the catalog database, you might get the error RMAN-20005: target database name is ambiguous. , if the database was restored from another database. rman target sys/oracle#51234@RMANBKP catalog rman_b2ccrmpd/rman@catdb Recovery Manager: Release – Production on Fri Oct 14 10:34:05 2016

How to recover catalog owner user (RMAN)?

Sign in or register to get started. connect to Recover Catalog owner user (RMAN) using SQLPLUS on the catalog database and execute the following query. Other thing is, check, whether your catalog is accidentally created within target database or you are sure its in a separate database (possibly on a separate server).

How to set the DB ID of the target database?

1. connect to the catalog database , check the dbid. Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle. All rights reserved. We can see there are two dbid entries in the catalog. Now set the correct db id of the target db and run rman commands.






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