Quantum Q6 Edge Battery Charger Manual

quantum q6 edge battery charger manual 2023 April

How do you store a quantum Q6 edge battery?

Maintain and store in a clean and dry condition. Indicates flammable material. Do not expose to heat sources such as open flame or sparks. Do not transport batteries with flammable or combustible items. Quantum Q6 Edge www.pridemobility.com… Page 6 Do not use batteries with different amp-hour (Ah) capacities. Do not mix old and new batteries.

What kind of batteries does the Q6 edge HD use?

B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G BATTERIES AND CHARGING The Q6 Edge HD uses two long-lasting, 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries. These batteries are sealed and maintenance free. Page 32V I . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G To charge the batteries using the off-board charger: 1.

How many pages are in the Pride quantum Q6 edge HD owner’s manual?

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How do you change a tyre on a quantum Q6 edge?

When changing a tyre, remove only the five lug nuts, then remove the wheel. If any further disassembly is required, deflate the tyre completely or it may explode. Quantum Q6 Edge www.pridemobility.com… WARNING! Do not mix old and new batteries. Always replace both batteries at the same time. PROHIBITED!






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