Old Free 120 Step 1 Pdf

old free 120 step 1 pdf 2023 March

When did the NBME update the free 120 Step 1 questions?

The Free 120 Step 1 questions were updated on June 6th, 2022. These are explanations to the new Free 120 Step 1 questions provided by the NBME.

When should I use the free 120?

Use the Free 120 as a test day simulator 4-5 days before your actual test date. This is a low-stress exam as there is no scaled score, and it mimics breaks, question style and length, and difficulty to a certain extent.

Should I take the free 120 close to my exam?

One key reason you should take the Free 120 that close to your exam is that these questions are known to show up verbatim on Step 1. Remember, on the Step 1, the graders (or computers who grades it) don’t care if you got lucky and picked the correct answer.

What are the interactive questions in the free 120?

The interactive questions in the Free 120 include those where you listen with your stethoscope for a murmur or listen to breath sounds. Knowing how these will look on the exam day will help lessen your anxiety, as you will not fidget around figuring out how to use these features.






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