Lab 2-7: Testing Mode: Select And Install A Motherboard

lab 2-7: testing mode: select and install a motherboard 2023 June

How do I install a motherboard?

– Install the front panel connector into an open external 3.5" drive slot. Connect the following connectors: – Firewire) 6-pin. Read the motherboard specifications to select the motherboard with the required features. You work part time at a computer repair store. You are in the process of building a new computer system.

How do I locate the motherboard connectors?

Drag the motherboard from the Shelf to the motherboard plate in the system case. 8. To identify the location of motherboard connectors, click the Details link for the motherboard in the Selected Component window. 9. Click the Specifications tab and read the documentation to identify the location for the following connectors:

How do I connect my Motherboard to the AM 3?

Look at the System panel connectors which is number 11 on the AM 3 Motherboard Socket. 1. IDE_LED (HDD LED) Bottom Left. 2. Power LED Top Left 3. Power Switch. Bottom Middle 4. Speaker Top Right. 5. Number 3 CPU, chassis, and power fan connectors (4-pin CPU fan (top), 3-pin for other fans). 1.

What are the features of a motherboard?

The customer wants a motherboard with the following features: – 16x PCI Express slot for video card support. – Onboard Firewire support. – Support for 64-bit processors. – Support for dual-core processors. – Dual channel memory support. – Support for up to 8 GB of memory. – Select and install the motherboard that meets the scenario requirements.






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