Intel Uhd Graphics 630 Vs Intel Uhd Graphics 730

intel uhd graphics 630 vs intel uhd graphics 730 2023 March

What is Intel UHD Graphics 730?

The Intel UHD Graphics 730 is an integrated graphics card of Rocket Lake processors. It features 24 EUs based on the Xe architecture (Intel Gen12 like Tiger Lake). The performance depends on the CPU model and therefore clock speeds. The GPU does not feature dedicated graphics memory, but uses the shared main memory.

What is the difference between HD graphics 630 and HD graphics 630?

Due to its lack of dedicated graphics memory or eDRAM cache, the UHD 630 has to access the main memory (2x 64-bit DDR3L-1600 / DDR4-2133). Compared to the older HD Graphics 630 (Kaby-Lake), the newer UHD GPU is identical but can be clocked slightly higher.

What are the features of the UHD 630?

The features of the UHD 630 are the same as for the HD 630 and therefore H.265/HEVC Main10 profile at 10-bit color depth are supported in hardware. Furthermore, HDCP 2.2 is also supported in all chips, which allows Netflix 4K videos, for instance.






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