How To Uninstall Fan Control

how to uninstall fan control 2023 April

How do I uninstall fancontrol?

It’s a portable app, there is nothing to uninstall. You can just delete the folder and that’s it. Make sure the app is closed before deleting. There is also a task in the Task Schedulernamed "FanControl". might have to delet that too Interested in gaining a new perspective on things? Check out the r/askreddit subreddit!

What is the best app for variable fan control?

Another good app with variable fan controls is Speedfan. If this is a Factory Windows install, or previously was before you did a Reset Your Windows 10 PC or the vastly superior Clean Install Windows 10, there may be special software in the chipset or elsewhere to install that affects the fan. Check the PC model’s Support Downloads webpage.

How do I know if my fan is overheating?

You don’t say if you think it relates to overheating but you can monitor from the System Tray this by installing Core Temp which also has variable fan speed controls which might work for you. Another good app with variable fan controls is Speedfan.






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