Hanging Of The Green Service Script

hanging of the green service script 2023 March

When is the hanging of the Greens service?

Some churches have a Hanging of the Greens service on a Sunday afternoon, the week before the first Sunday of Advent. Others have a workshop-style event the day before the first Sunday of Advent where families come and learn about the significance of our Christmas decorations and help prepare the church for the new season.

What does “hanging the Greens” mean?

So that today’s Christians understand the meaning of Advent and its traditions, this “hanging the greens” service for the first Sunday of Advent focuses on the symbols of Christmas. These holiday decorations renew the customs of Christians in centuries past.

Why do we hang the Greens on the Christmas tree?

Let us honor and praise our God as we hang the greens and sing “Deck the Hall,” which is on an insert in your bulletin. Traditions concerning the Christmas tree are centuries old. An old German legend tells about Saint Winfred, a missionary to the Scandinavians in the eighth century.






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