H323 Slow Start And Fast Start

h323 slow start and fast start 2023 April

What is H323 fast start?

When you are using H.323 Fast Start, one of the setup messages includes a FastStart element, which contains a list of capabilities and supported coder/decoder (codec) options for both sending and receiving. The other gateway responds by including a FastStart element in one of its messages, listing the capabilities and codec it has selected.

Is GK supported in h323v1?

Here we will assume that GK isn’t present. There are three ways for call setup which are Slow Start (the legacy method supported in H323v1), Fast Start (supported in H323v2), H245 Tunneling (not supported by Cisco***). Before explaining each method, its important to understand H245 messages (h225 messages are pretty clear as their names implies)

What is the basic H323 call flow?

Basic H.323 call flow involves the following steps: Step 1. The H.323 gateways exchange H.225 call setup messages, using TCP port 1720. One of those, the Connect message, contains the control channel address to use for H.245 signals. Step 2. The gateways exchange several H.245 capabilities negotiation messages.

What is H323 protocol?

It is a part of the H.32x series of protocols which also address communications over ISDN, PSTN or SS7. H.323 is commonly used in Voice over IP (VoIP, Internet Telephony, or IP Telephony) and IP-based videoconferencing.






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