Gray Wireless Portable Lift System

gray wireless portable lift system 2023 April

What is a wireless lift system?

The wireless lift system family will lift a wide variety of vehicles allowing technicians to safely and efficiently complete preventative maintenance tasks to major component repair. View the patents here. The WPLS Heavy Commercial model is a 19,000 lbs. capacity, 24 volt mobile column lift.

Who uses gray’s mobile lifts?

When vehicle maintenance is mission-critical, the U.S. Military relies on Gray Manufacturing’s mobile lifts for their shops. Since day one, Gray has been providing the U.S. Military and government entities with mobile lifts built to the exacting standards and qualities they demand.

What is the capacity of a mobile column lift?

The mobile column lifts can be operated in sets of 2, 4, 6, or 8, allowing users a capacity range of 38,000 lbs. to 152,000 lbs. The WPLS features the industry’s original wireless communication system and state-of-the-art touch screen graphic control system, providing the user with the most reliable and safe lifting environment.

What is a gray lifting unit?

A combination of wireless controlled communication and a self contained DC Power system eliminates the need for power cords and cable connections during operation. Each lifting unit comes complete with a 110 Volt on-board charging system. Gray also offers a complete line of accessories ranging from transmission jacks to support stands.






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