Engine Block Filler Pros And Cons

engine block filler pros and cons 2023 March

What does block filler do for your engine?

If the cooling system is adequate a block filled to the water pump holes won’t overheat any more readily than a non filled block, you won’t notice any difference. Oil temp will be higher but that might be an advantage in a drag application. Re: what does block filler do for your engine? No kidd’in?!

Is it cheaper to repair or replace an engine block?

Easier to replace than to repair: Because iron engine blocks cost less, if one of the cylinders or components needs to be repaired, that can cost nearly as much as a replacement block. Rust: Iron is prone to rusting, which can be a factor when considering the stress and pressure the engine block is going to be put through.

Does filler reduce block harmonics?

The filler reduces block harmonics but to what extend depends on the initial block dynamics.

What is the best block filler?

Today, racers have the luxury of a low-cost block filler called Hard Blok, provided by Joel Bayless. Back in my early Pro Stock days, when I was racing Cleveland small blocks, we had to use a very expensive Devcon aluminum epoxy. It was easy to use and it poured like cake batter.






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