Connect Summit County Free Laptop

connect summit county free laptop 2023 March

How can I get a Chromebook computer in Montgomery County?

Montgomery County is providing 40,000 Chromebook computers to residents who do not have a computer. Eventbrite is being used to create appointment tickets to manage computer pick-ups. Every person receiving a computer: MUST APPEAR IN PERSON and show photo ID to pick up the computer;

What is the connect summit?

Connect Speakers. Speakers at the Connect Summit bring a wealth of knowledge from both the dairy and tech worlds to inform and inspire attendees to make positive changes in their dairy operation today.

Do Montgomery County computers come with software?

The computers do not include software (e.g., Word, Excel) but you may download free versions at Office for Web (formerly Office 365), or get free Google products here . Ownership of the Computer. The federal grant providing funding to purchase these computers requires Montgomery County to own the computer for 3 years.

What is the Summit County Executive’s Office doing to help?

The Summit County Executive’s Office, led by Executive Ilene Shapiro, immediately began planning how this money could be quickly and effectively spent to help our 31 communities families and businesses.






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