Computer To Computer Exchange Of Dangerous Goods

computer to computer exchange of dangerous goods 2023 March

How can I provide information about dangerous goods on transport?

This information may be provided on a dangerous goods transport document or, with the agreement of the carrier, by EDP or EDI techniques.

How long do you keep a copy of a dangerous goods transport document? The consignor and the carrier shall retain a copy of the dangerous goods transport document and additional information and documentation as specified in this Code, for a minimum period of three months.

What is the electronic signature for dangerous goods?

" If the dangerous goods documentation is presented to the carrier by means of EDP or EDI transmission techniques, the signature (s) may be electronic signature (s) or may be replaced by the name (s) (in capitals) of the person authorized to sign.". A new paragraph is added with the following:

What does “Overpack” mean on a Dangerous Goods Package?

Each package of dangerous goods contained in the unit load or overpack shall comply with all applicable provisions of the Code. The “OVERPACK” mark on an overpack is an indication of compliance with this provision. The intended function of each package shall not be impaired by the unit load or overpack.






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