C19 To C13 Power Cord

c19 to c13 power cord 2023 March

What is a C14 to C19 power cord?

Power Cord C14 to C15 – Heavy-Duty, 15… This C14 to C19 cable features 14 AWG wire suitable for high power connections, making it a reliable solution for large server applications that require a higher-rated, heavier-gauge cable.

What are C13 and C19 cables used for?

Eaton NEMA and IEC C13 and C19 Power Cords EC60320 C13 and C19 cables are commonly used on electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, and servers to ensure international compatibility across different countries’ standards. For example, the most common cable is the C13, which is used to power standard PCs and monitors.

What is the IEC 60320 C14 to C19 power cord?

IEC 60320 C14 to C19 Power cords rated for 15A, 250V. Male end has a C14 plug, female end has a C19 connector. Cable uses a heavy duty blue 14/3 AWG SJT jacket. Allows you to connect a device with a male C20 into a C13 receptacle on a PDU.

What is the best power outlet for a C-19?

C-20 to Locking C-19 Jumper Cords 20A 250V UL, CSA Approved C-20 to Locking C-19 Jumper Cords C-19 LOCKING to Unterminated IEC 60320 AC POWER CORDS & CABLES 15A/16A 250V Universal Approved Locking C-19 Cords 20A 250V UL, CSA Approved Locking C-19 Cords C-19 LOCKING IEC 60320 AC OUTLETS 16A/20A 250V C-19 Locking Type Power Outlets






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