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apex processing center student loans 2023 March

Why choose apex processing?

There are many different programs available and APEX processing will help you find the best solution that fits your student loan. We specialize in document preparation for federal student loans. We offer a no. cost, no obligation review of your specific situation to find the best program that suits your financial needs both long and short term.

How much is Student Loan Processing Center LLC taking out?

Student Loan Processing Center LLC was taking out $59.99 every month and not one payment has been made towards my student loans since I received letter from Federal Student Aid that there have been no payments made towards my account. To start this process, I was charged $274 in May 2022 and $274 in June 2022 then $59.99 after that.

How does student loan Doc Prep work?

Your Student Loan Doc Prep Specialist will review your current student loans with you and explain exactly how the programs work. Next we will review the eligibility based on loan type, the origination dates, annual income, household size, and the state you live in. There are other factors we also take into consideration when reviewing your case.

What is the processing fee for student loans?

I enrolled in services through the Student Loan Payment Processing Center in 2020. They promised thousands off my loans for a processing fee of $39.00 each month. I am never able to get ahold of someone and I have no idea what they are processing. The fee is automatically deducted out of my checking acct monthly.






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