Aerohive Ap250 End Of Life

aerohive ap250 end of life 2023 March

How does Aerohive support end-of-life products?

Aerohive follows a distinct process for these end-of-life products, starting with a communication that goes to customers and channel partners announcing an end-of-product sale six months after the end-of-life announcement. After an end of sale, the product will be supported for five more years.

What happens to Aerohive after 5 years?

After a period of five years, Aerohive will categorize the product as end-of-life and at that point, Aerohive will cease to provide bug fixes or RMA. At the discretion of Aerohive Networks, hardware may be replaced with similar or equivalent product. This product must be covered on a valid active support contract in order to receive the services.

What are the Aerohive policies?

The foregoing policies apply for Aerohive hardware and software products and Client Service Offerings, as well as to derivatives products, across all sales regions and territories, and to all Aerohive end customers and partners. Aerohive will, from time to time, have products that reach the end of their life or product lifecycle.

What are Aerohive’s next-generation access points?

Aerohive’s next-generation access points are built with high quality hardware components and engineered for superior network performance and user experience. The result – increased capacity, broad coverage, and reliable connectivity.






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