Advancing Gene Smart Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad For Alienware

advancing gene smart laptop cooler cooling pad for alienware 2023 April

What is the best cooling pad for Alienware 17 inch laptop?

As it mentioned, im looking for a great cooling pad for my Alienware 17" notebook. Heard about many types but wondering which is the best one and why? The Cooler Master sf-19 is great. It is one of the few that will fit a 17inch laptop, it has independent power for the extra cooling it offers, the extra USB ports are quite handy.

How to use area-51m cooling pad?

There is Area-51m cooling pad discussion Here. Placing the Area-51m on a flat surface (table), with no intake/exhaust air flow obstruction, is generally best for the system. There is a 70% benefit in elevating the system, especially the back. There is a 30% benefit of forced air flow from beneath.

How to choose a laptop cooler?

Also, consider your usage ergonomics, typically laptop coolers only help direct the air, that said, you need to consider where cooler air intake is, where your laptop intake and exhausts are (you don’t want the cooler to be recirculating the hot air exhausted by the laptop).






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