Activity 2.3 2 Seven Segment Displays

activity 2.3 2 seven segment displays 2023 March

What are the different types of seven-segment displays?

There are two types of seven-segment displays: common cathode and common anode. Understanding how these displays work and the differences between them is fundamental to designing many different types of electronic devices. In this activity you will learn how to use seven-segment displays to display both alpha and numeric characters.

How do I test a common cathode seven-segment display?

Using the CDS, enter the common cathode seven-segment display test circuit shown below. Please note that the seven-segment display is a common cathode display. For the seven switches (i.e., A through G), determine the settings required so that the seven-segment display will display 0-9.

How do I display my age on a 7-segment display?

Complete the wiring of the seven-segment displays shown below so that they will display your age. If you are 15, display a (1) on the common cathode display and a (5) on the common anode display. List five words of three characters or more that you could spell out using a seven-segment display.

How many alpha characters can I display with the 7-segment display?

Using the seven SPDT switches (i.e., A thru G), determine at least ten alpha characters that you could display using the seven-segment display. Don’t forget to include lower case characters.






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