Action Required Open And Close Driver Window

action required open and close driver window 2023 April

Why do my windows keep saying Open then close driver’s window?

This error may have to due with anti-pinch which needs to calibrate the fully open and fully closed positions of the window. On the way home tonight I got a weird message telling me to "Open, then close driver’s window" with a checkmark (see photo). My windows work fine and I do NOT have the in-channel vent visors.

How do you teach a window motor where the limits are?

If the window motor senses some resistance then it reverses so that it doesn’t crush some poor fellow’s arm. But of course if the resistance is due to the window actually closing as far as it should go then it shouldn’t just open again – so you "teach" it where the limits are by going through this open and close sequence.

How to close the current open window in WebDriver?

1) WebDriver.Close()This method is used to close the current open window. It closes the current open window on which driver has focus on. If Suppose your Webdriver has opened more than one browser window, if you use driver.close(); then, it will close only 1 browser window on which driver is focused currently.

What happens if the load increases while the window is closed?

If load suddenly increases while closing it is assumed that someone or something got in the way and the window will reverse direction for a short distance. The system needs to know what "normal" is to do this. Window regulator drive current will vary from vehicle to vehicle as well as over time.






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