3060 Ti Vs 3080 Mining

3060 ti vs 3080 mining 2023 April

Is the RTX 2080 Ti better than the 3060 Ti?

Despite using the last generation RTX cores the RTX 2080 Ti acquits itself well here, and there’s a fair gap between the performance of the 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 commensurate with their RTX core counts and overall rendering ability. The RTX 2060 brings up the rear, the least powerful card with RTX capabilities.

What is better Nvidia 3060 ti or 2060 Super?

The 3060 Ti features 4,864 CUDA cores, 152 Tensor cores, it has a boost clock of 1.665 GHz, 8 GB of memory and a power draw of just 200 W. Nvidia’s entire 3000 series lineup offers once in a decade price/performance improvements. The 3060 Ti beats the previous generation’s 2060 Super by 35% in terms of effective speed at the same MSRP.

How good is the gigabyte RTX 3080 for mining?

So the Gigabyte card kind of sucks for mining since there’s a lack of thermal pads on the backside of the card. I’m starting at 100 MH/S and it drops to ~78-82 MH/s. Anyway, when i put in the 3060 TI in the slot next to the RTX 3080 the MH/s sunk even further.

Is the RTX 3060 Ti good for 1440p?

Last generation cards struggle, whilst the 3060 Ti comfortably maintains nearly 70FPS, and the RTX 3070, RTX 2080 Ti, and RTX 3080 all approach 100FPS average. Again, you can tweak settings to get the performance you’re happy with as they are turned right up here, but those GPUs are capable of providing an excellent experience at 1440p.






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